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Word Crush Rules

I`ve played this game more than any other – ever! I won two championships, reached level 2148, collected nearly 25,000 coins and many “clues”. Then the game froze and I couldn`t continue. I can play the daily newspapers, but not the regular game. I tried the “App Support” button and was redirected to a website that greeted me with “nginx” and lists of codes, numbers and data. I tried “Developer`s site” and got the message that the page has been deleted. I am so frustrated and unhappy….. and would appreciate suggestions. Update: even more frustrated! I have NOT received a response to the above; I saw a response to someone with the same problem, so he followed the advice given to that person – uninstall, reinstall, update and fix the problem.. didn`t work for me. So I finally started all over again. I am now back at level 180, I did well in the current tournament and found that I was not getting credit (coins) for all bonus words. arrrgh! Help, please… There are a lot of other puns, so I`m probably done with this developer`s games.2.

Update just minutes after the last one! There you go! I reopened the app only to finish the tournament and all my original coins and clues were restored and I was brought back to the level I was frozen at! Yay!! Another 5 stars! I started enjoying this game after playing it a bit and mistakenly decided that it might be worth paying the modest sum of $3.99 to remove ads for a more enjoyable relaxing experience because the ads seriously started to bore me. Then I realize that higher levels require mixes when you can`t find the words you need to pass a level, and guess what? Shuffles eat quickly earned coins, depending on how many shuffles you need. If you`re running out of coins, you`ll either have to pay real money to get more coins for mixes that will help you pass certain levels, making it essentially a paid game, or you`ll be forced to put up with ads to earn the coin you need, waive the fees paid to remove them, and not have to deal with them. Very frustrating. I feel a bit cheated now, and since I`ve already paid the ad removal fee, I`ve decided not to remove it, but I`m going to play it a lot less than I would have liked if I`m forced to watch ads for mixes to pass levels because I`m not going to drop real money for mixes all the time, to help me move forward. I am very disappointed with this experience and I will pay much more attention to this kind of thing in games from now on. Sharpen your brain with Word Crush! Word Crush is a word search game where you log in, strike, and collect words from stacks of blocks of letters across thousands of interesting topics. A word search and word connection puzzle game for everyone, there are so many free and fascinating themes, jokes, puzzles and puzzles in this category word connection game and new puzzles for word search and login are updated every day! By searching and connecting words, you`ll enjoy the mixed fun of crossword puzzles, word game categories, word connection puzzle game, quiz, scrabble, wooden blocks, solitaire, as well as tons of fun jokes and word games along the way. By playing Word Crush from time to time during the day, you can give your brain a good movement by connecting words and making similarities with various fun topics. Word Crush is undoubtedly an easy and convenient way to sharpen your mind.

Not to mention the beautiful images of nature in the background that create a relaxed atmosphere and help you build your inner peace along the way. Each level has a unique theme and a stack of blocks of letters, all you have to do is find the words related to the theme, swipe to connect the letters and collect the words one by one, and finally delete the level. All themes are easily accessible to everyone, so you can pick up any of the puzzles anytime and anywhere. With Word Crush you can improve your vocabulary while having the time of your life, alone or with your friends! Key Features – Easy to Play! Simply drag and connect letters to find words in anagrams.- Enjoy a classic word puzzle. Blocks of letters cascade down as you correctly guess!- Challenge others and yourself – Scramble stacks of letters to become the master of superior words!- Images of natural beauty accompany each level and gently transport you to another world.- Play anywhere, anytime without WIFI!- Entertain your friends, Friends and family with this fantastic new game. Guessing words together is just as fun as playing alone!- Challenge your brain and vocabulary. This crossword puzzle starts easily and quickly becomes difficult!- Each week brings new puzzles to train your brain to endless fun! Contact us: WordCrushFeedback@gmail.comFollow our page: www.facebook.com/Word-Crush-Fun-Puzzle-Game-1093451577491452/ Word Crush is a new game from TangramGames released in January 2019 that is very addictive. With Word Crush, you can improve your vocabulary and have fun at the same time. The game is very simple: just drag and connect letters to find the right words. Word Crush can also be played offline without an internet connection.

If our abused brain is indeed an organ that must always be trained by the “gymnastics” that best suits its needs (for which, for example, it remains important to read and use thoughts in a positive way), it will also be necessary to make it work in the pure sense of graduation, by devoting a few minutes a day to crosswords (as well as Sudoku or board games). A real panacea for our brain! Another small, slightly less new study, also published in Geriatric Psychiatry in 2014, was conducted on 37 healthy retirees divided into two groups. The first performed crossword puzzles every day for four weeks, while the second, the control group, was engaged in various activities: Well, the results showed that people in the first group improved what`s known as phonemic verbal fluid (Pfc), an executive function related to the ability to formulate simple strategies that typically decreases during aging and in people with dementia. Human development and the history of puzzles are closely linked. We are attracted to puzzles because we like to recognize and explore patterns. Pattern recognition is key to almost every stage of human learning. There is no culture without puzzles and there is no living person who does not understand what a puzzle is. Almost half of North Americans like to assemble 1 of the 5 puzzles at least once a year and at least once a month. We have fun relaxing, having fun and relieving stress. Maybe you think puzzles are just for pure entertainment. But puzzles are more than just a game. You need to incorporate games like word mania into your lifestyle.

However, a finding that shouldn`t suggest that crossword resolution is enough to reduce the risk of senile dementia, as noted by Anne Corbett, lead author of the study, “certainly supports the idea that they help our brains function better — and longer!” If you`re a fan of puzzle games or word games, Word Crush is the game for you. We help you find the right answers for each level and game mode. Reading definitions and sounding answers, concentrating and striving to get to the right one: what sounds like an older hobby (and one that young people barely know), Her Majesty crossword puzzles is actually the most productive thing that can stimulate our brains. The “Protect” study, published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry in 2019 and in which 19,000 participants underwent cognitive tests to test levels of attention, memory and reasoning, found that people played word or number games that they scored highest on the test. In fact, those who usually solved puzzles turned out to have a mental age 10 years younger than the chronological age. One of the benefits of solving puzzles for adults is the heart and skills such as research, critical thinking, cognitive skills, and concentration. From developing a puzzle, crossword puzzle or Sudoku, logical thinking must be applied. Therefore, these puzzles are not only designed to be fun and entertaining, but also to inspire education.

Crash can also mean breaking in or sneaking in, as in Gate Crasher or Wedding Crasher The jostling of bodies and the smashing of helmets were typical of the annual clash between the two rival football teams. Crush also has a more positive connotation, meaning having affection or preference for more than “like” but less than “falling in love” Word Crush is a puzzle game with 3 addictive game modes. You need to find the right combination of letters for each word. You can see your word in the preview areas. If your word is correct, the empty boxes will fill up because you have found the right answer. The first game mode is with a 4-letter word. The 2nd game mode is with a 5-letter word. The 3rd game mode is a puzzle of images, you have to guess the right character name/picture.

Apart from the enjoyable hobby, which is in itself a crossword puzzle, puzzles bring a number of advantages and advantages. Sorry for the problem. We would love to know more about your problem. Please contact us on wordcrushfeedback@gmail.com or via the game settings. A screenshot is always useful to send with the message. Thank you for your understanding! In another study, scientists at the University of Exeter looked at various brain skills of more than 17,000 people over the age of 50 using an online test and also asked them if (and how often) they devoted themselves to solving crossword puzzles and word games.

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