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Nasuwt Free Legal Advice

NASUWT uses expert lawyers to prosecute members who have suffered an accident, illness or assault on the job. Case studies show that members consistently receive higher compensation from their employer`s insurers when they use union lawyers. In any claim for personal injury, you must prove that your injury, illness or illness was caused by someone else`s fault, and a lawyer from Thompsons Solicitors will assist you in this regard. Accidents that occur overseas, for example on school trips, are covered if the claim can be brought before the UK courts. The regulation does not apply to medical negligence. NASUWT will indemnify NASUWT members for all legal fees incurred if the claim is found to have a reasonable chance of success, provided the eligibility criteria for assistance are met. (For more information, see the Legal Aid System for Personal Injury on the right/below.) Call 0808 100 2221 for help. You must provide your name, contact information and NASUWT membership number. If there is a problem with your membership or if you do not know your membership number, please email the member team. Thompson`s dedicated NASUWT hub provides more information. If this is the case for you, please contact the National Union by email at with the following information: – Payplan offers free and confidential financial advice and professional debt management. Payplan has trained financial advisors and will contact you by phone to discuss their situation and give you advice on how to manage your financial situation. A summary of the advice provided is submitted to the NASUWT legal and case team, which then reviews the applicant`s charitable case in more detail.

If you are a member in Scotland, please use the separate facility of Thompsons Scotland to begin your free will. NASUWT members have access to free expert legal advice and representation through the union legal system provided by Thompsons Solicitors. By using this legal advice, you and your family members are assured of 100% compensation with no deduction for legal fees. Contact us on 0808 100 2221 for free legal advice and representation at: NASUWT provides members with first-class legal advice on all employment matters, including advice, negotiation and representation. Be eligible for a range of member-exclusive benefits, including insurance offers, High St discounts and legal services that put money back in your pocket. NASUWT provides prompt and effective representation by a specialist criminal lawyer at Thompsons Solicitors for teachers who are facing criminal charges as a result of their teaching activities while they were members of the union. (See right/below for details on eligibility for legal aid.) Students who have filed a complaint against them during a school placement are also entitled to legal representation. If you are charged with criminal charges related to your teaching, such as physical or sexual assault or theft, and the police have asked you to be questioned, you should follow these tips: Tell the officer, “I look forward to cooperating to clarify this matter. My union advised me to disagree, not answer questions, or make a statement until my lawyer was present.

You should have the opportunity to make a call. NASUWT members who are in urgent need of legal assistance following a criminal charge against them related to their teaching activities should contact Thompson`s lawyers toll-free at 0800-587-7530 and provide the name, rank, police station and telephone number of the police officer. Members can also contact us by email. Please quote your membership number where possible: NASUWT members have access to free, expert legal advice and representation through the union legal system provided by Thompsons Solicitors. Turn2us (which has partnered with Elizabeth Finn Trust) is an independent charity that alerts people to the types of financial support, such as grants and benefits, for which they may be eligible. To access this free service, follow the Turn2us link. have access to national counselling centres, specialised national centres in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and a network of regional centres in England, all assisted by free specialist employment advisers; NASUWT members are entitled to full case handling and legal advice, assistance and representation in personal injury matters, and specialist lawyers can make personal injury claims for members who have suffered an accident, illness or assault on the job. “NASUWT invests in providing free, high-quality education and training courses to all its members and agents across the UK. Members are the lifeblood of NASUWT and our lay activists are the beating heart of the Union.

Visit for more information, including: – The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) can advise you on eligibility for state benefits. To find the nearest CAC, consult the Yellow Pages in your area or visit the Office of Citizen Advice to use the CAB directory. Visit for tips and advice on the benefits [1] If you are a member in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, you can use the Thompsons online portal to start creating your free will. As a member of NASUWT, you can use the free online testamentary portals operated by BBH Legal Services/Thompsons Solicitors on behalf of NASUWT to protect the interests of your family, friends and loved ones. NASUWT is proud to provide world-class case processing service to members facing employment-related challenges. The EU is fortunate to have an extensive network of lay representatives who provide treatment and support services on the ground. The Union has 34 executive districts for the UK, supported by members of the national executive and leaders of local associations. The secular structure is complemented by paid civil servants based in nine regional centres in England and national centres in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In addition, the Union`s headquarters in Birmingham has specialised staff who provide support throughout the UK. There is also a special telephone advice service for all members in England.

See below for details. Union case management services include: Writing a will allows you to make important decisions about your family and dependents after your death. A will can save your loved ones unnecessary work and heartbreak at a time when they are least able to cope with it. As a member of NASUWT, you have access to a free online testamentary portal operated by BBH Legal Services / Thompsons Solicitors on behalf of NASUWT. The portal allows you to create your own will, as well as a mirror will for your spouse or partner, free of charge in your free time and at will. A discounted will drafting service is also offered by NASUWT for members` families. If your will is complex, you will be referred to a will specialist for advice on a bespoke will, for which a reduced will is payable if you wish to proceed. BBH reserves the right to charge a fee if your will contains complex tax regulations or if you make significant changes after the will has been drafted. Employment law advice (available from your local NASUWT association). NASUWT can provide legal advice on any matter you need help with.

Members can have a free 30-minute phone call with experienced counselors who have access to the latest information and are able to advise them on all non-employment related legal matters. Alternatively, Payplan can be contacted directly on 0800 716 239 for urgent financial advice. This service is accessible to all. NASUWT members can take advantage of a free 30-minute telephone service provided by experienced counsellors who can access the latest information and are able to advise you on all non-employment related legal matters. This service is provided to NASUWT by Thompsons Solicitors. The service includes: In the Union`s experience, labour-related issues are often best dealt with at local level. Members who require assistance should first contact the NASUWT workplace representative. If the problem in question proves to be insoluble in the workplace, the opinion of the relevant local NASUWT association or the bargaining secretary (login) must be sought. NASUWT members in England can also access advice and information on employment-related matters by contacting the Member Support Counselling Team from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6.30pm.

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