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It is finally bearing fruit. After years of study and training, you are only a few months away from your ultimate goal: to qualify as a lawyer. It`s a time full of excitement and expectations, but if you haven`t been offered an NQ position at your current company or decided to qualify, it can also come with a lot of nervousness and uncertainty. At Harvey John, our professional recruitment team is available to provide unbiased advice on all aspects of a seemingly daunting process. • Previous legal work experience (as a paralegal, legal secretary, transfer assistant, etc.) is helpful. This shows that your legal experience goes beyond your apprenticeship contract, making you an attractive potential candidate. • Add any law-related events or trade shows you attended, especially networking events. This shows your interest and passion for business development – a desirable trait in any newly qualified lawyer. • Provide details of your academic curriculum, including relevant modules and the knowledge and skills you have acquired. A legal thesis or unusual/specialized modules might be of interest to an employer. • Make sure you have listed all outstanding skills such as foreign language skills, computer and software skills, etc. • Unique interests, even if they are not academic, reflect your personality and show that you have more than your legal background. This section can include all the languages you speak at a relatively high level and the language level), computer skills, including specific legal packages, case management systems, legal databases you use, and driver`s licenses.

If you have experience at a law firm before you start your apprenticeship contract, such as a paralegal, legal assistant, broker`s assistant, etc., you can demonstrate a wealth of experience that most articling students will not have, especially if you have worked primarily in the area of law in which you wish to specialize. This type of experience therefore makes you a very attractive candidate, and it is therefore certainly worth mentioning on your CV. Do not provide details of your non-legal work experience unless relevant. One area we offer a lot of advice on is what a good resume for NQ positions should look like. We`re always happy to review a draft and provide feedback, but here are our top quick picks for NQ lawyer resumes. (For more tips and advice on legal resumes in general, keep an eye on our upcoming blog “What should I include in my legal resume?”) 1. Keep your resume no more than three pages, starting with personal data, education, work experience, extracurricular activities, and graduation based on interests 2. Add your GCSE&AS/A level scores as well as your diploma/LPC/continuing education. If there were extenuating circumstances, put a note next to your notes that you would be happy to have the opportunity to explain in person or through your recruiter 3.

Your training contract – start with your last seat and go back and provide the dates of the seats. Have about 10 points for each seat, detailing what you helped and what you may have treated as your own fall load. If you include something on your resume, be prepared to provide more details about that case or scenario. Don`t exaggerate your experience – interviewers can instantly tell if you`re trying to pass off someone else`s work as your own.4 Customize your resume for each position. If you choose a litigation role, you will broaden your litigious work experience, experience in real estate litigation, etc. What aspects of the Code of Civil Procedure did you use? What experiences have you had with design? Testimonials? While not directly relevant, the appetite for litigation will strengthen your claim and allow you to detail your transferable skills. 5. Do you think you can get away with improving your LPC score or leaving your resume out of that paralegal role where you left on bad terms? Well, you can`t. Many of our clients go through a thorough selection process in their employment history, address history, and conduct a comprehensive credit and PCR check. In nine out of ten cases, no matter what appears in this selection process, it only matters if something appears that you tried to hide.6 Don`t add a photo – it`s not necessary and takes up valuable space 7. Add facts and figures.

What was the volume of your files? What was the value? Which customers have you been in contact with? Have you worked on goals? 8. If you have a genuine interest, include it on your resume. Either way, make sure it`s something that reflects your personality and interests. Something unusual or extraordinary is a good starting point for an interviewer to break the ice.9 Don`t be afraid to ask for advice. Even if you don`t want to hire a recruiter, let them take a look at your resume and get their opinion on it.10 Keep your resume up to date. If you update your resume over time, it won`t seem as tedious when it comes to qualification, and your place will then be fresh in your memory. Jonathan Fagan LLM FIRP is Managing Director of Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment. He has been recruiting lawyers and legal advisors for law firms and in-house legal departments for over 20 years, taking on roles ranging from junior royalty recipients to law firm partners and sales.

He has been a non-practicing lawyer since 2000 and is the author of a number of books on legal careers available from www.ten-percent.uk. You can contact Jonathan at cv@ten-percent.co.uk it should be 2 or 3 sentences to say who you are (i.e. whether paralegal or lawyer), in which areas of law you have experience and what role you are looking for/future ambitions. That`s all you need. However, remain objective. We see a lot of resumes that use subjective things like “an ambitious team player with excellent communication skills,” but I would recommend using such phrases. Anyone can say such things, but that doesn`t mean it`s true. Keep subjective statements for the interview, where you can support them with evidence. Sure, this will increase the length of your resume, but you can compensate by probably removing your section on business experience now as not really relevant.

Similarly, with your first legal volunteer and internship roles, there might be something to remove so that you focus on your main roles that you had if you think your resume is getting too long, but as I said earlier, unless it`s waffle, Don`t worry too much about the length. Once you`ve written about your time as an articling student, you can move on to your vacation program or other learning days or legal work experiences you attended prior to the apprenticeship. You should be selective at this point – there`s no reason to go back to the Saturday work you had when you were 15, for example. At Realm, we work mainly in four main business areas: private clients (including protection courts), personal injury, family and commercial insurance. If you are a trainee lawyer looking to qualify in one of these areas, we can help you find your ideal NQ position.

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