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November 24, 2022
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Norma Legal Carnet De Vacunacion

The rule also states that in restaurants or similar, masks can only be removed at the time of eating. Yes. The Minister of Health has confirmed that vaccination certificates provided abroad will be recognized in Peru, both for vaccines that require two doses and for vaccines that require only one dose. Our country will not issue vaccination certificates to those who have been vaccinated abroad, and in case someone needs a second dose or a booster vaccine, they must be registered in the register of people vaccinated abroad in order to be included in the vaccination schedule. No. As some people have lost or stolen the physical document, Minister Hernando Cevallos said they can also submit their vaccination records virtually. The head of vaccinations at the Ministry of Health, Gabriela JimΓ©nez, explained the reason for this physical or virtual document. “If we are talking from a legal point of view, the user will certainly go under which document, but remember that we are talking from a health point of view, because we are making all the preparations for the health control measures to be given. I understand that this update document has been submitted, I expect that within a few hours, this publication and update will be given,” he added. However, after the standard was approved, some people expressed concern because, among other things, they lost their physical vaccination records or because their virtual card did not contain any of the doses received. At Salud con Lupa, we have tried to solve all these doubts. πŸ“Œ If the vaccination record is now mandatory, should I no longer wear a mask? Γ’ the mandatory social cessation of all people at their homes on Saturday 25 December 2021 and Saturday 1.

January 2022, from 01:00 to 04:00 in provinces of moderate alert; All types of meetings and social events, including those held at home and family visits, are prohibited by the text of the law in the four (4) alert levels. “The employer must inform him that if he is not vaccinated, not only can he not provide personal services in any way, but he may also face legal consequences. Once the sanction is informed, the sanction will be imposed and [the company] will have to start asking its employees to provide the vaccination certificate,” said Cristina Oviedo, partner in the Payet study`s field of work. In the same way, the legal norm formalizes the obligation that from Friday 10, all persons engaged in a personal activity must accredit their complete vaccination program against Covid-19. According to the latest government regulations established in Supreme Decree No. 041-2022-PCM, from May 1, 2022, you must present your physical or virtual vaccination record against the coronavirus, proving that you have received the full doses of the vaccine used in Peru or abroad. For this reason, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) informs that if you have already received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine, you can prove it with the physical card given to you at the vaccination center or simply download it by simply entering the following link or using the official application that allows Android phone users to download the document for free from the Google Play Store. In addition, the industry clarified that vaccination certificates obtained abroad are also valid. Health Minister Hernando Cevallos explained that this rule aims to halve the 42% of the population that has not yet been vaccinated, either out of fear or lack of information.

Colombia will begin requesting vaccination records in places with massive participation today, November 16. Costa Rica has also announced that it will take this step from 1 December. In some countries on other continents, the same thing is happening, such as the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Israel and Russia. In the United States, the restriction on unvaccinated people has also been enforced, but the rules vary from state to state. “Anyone engaged in personal work must accredit their comprehensive Covid-19 vaccination program, as vaccines administered in Peru and abroad are valid,” the standard states. The full immunization schedule refers to the accreditation of the two doses used, except in the case of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which requires only one application. At this time, the rule does not provide for the booster dose. On the page, you need to select the type of identity document (ID card, immigration card, passport, foreign ID card or temporary resident permit) and enter the number of the selected document.

Then it is necessary to enter the date of birth and the date of issuance of the ID (only for those who have a DNI). Finally, you need to click on “Login” and you will immediately see your virtual vaccination record. “Anyone engaged in a personal professional activity must accredit their full COVID-19 vaccination program, as vaccines administered in Peru and abroad are valid,” the standard states. To do this, you can access your vaccination record on the Minsa platform and present it when requested by authorized personnel. Remember that if you have been vaccinated abroad, you will need to present the vaccination certificate you received in that country. Similarly, the vaccination certificate will be a prerequisite for all drivers, drivers and delivery people. To participate in personal work, workers must take both doses. In the case of interprovincial and air travel, you can also present it and avoid a molecular test. On Thursday evening, a few minutes before the regulation came into force, the government issued the supreme decree, which from today, Friday, December 10, provides for the obligation to present the physical or virtual COVID-19 vaccination record inside. πŸ“Œ How do I get my virtual vaccination record? In educational institutions, it is stipulated that the use of a mask is optional for students and that sufficient ventilation must be provided in accordance with the regulations in force, but is mandatory for teaching staff.

πŸ“Œ Are only physical vaccination certificates valid? πŸ“Œ What other measures does this regulation provide for to prevent Covid-19? According to Supreme Decree 168-2021-PCM, people over the age of 18 must present the Covid-19 vaccination certificate in order not to be affected by a series of restrictions applied by the Ministry of Health (Minsa). Yes. In more than twenty European countries, they require some sort of proof of vaccination against Covid-19 to enter certain places or activities such as mass performances, theaters, bars or restaurants. However, this proof is not necessarily the vaccination record. You may also have a negative molecular test or proof that you have recovered from COVID-19 in the past six months. πŸ“Œ If I participated in a clinical trial and only have the study vaccination certificate, is it also valid? The use of masks remains a mandatory measure in Peru. The standard states that people must wear the KN95 mask or a triple surgical mask under another cloth mask in order to circulate in public and enclosed spaces. πŸ“Œ Are maps checked when entering confined spaces? πŸ“Œ What activities can`t I do if I don`t show my vaccination certificate? The confined spaces considered in the standard, as well as their maximum capacity percentages, are as follows: According to the experts consulted, the standard states that during the state of emergency, it will be mandatory to operate the full vaccines in person, unless details are announced in the future. From December 10, the vaccination certificate is essential to leave the house. The government noted that this document is required to enter confined spaces or personally visit a workplace if more than ten workers are employed. The vaccination certificate is mandatory after the government formalized the update in Supreme Decree 168-2021-PCM, which provides for the mandatory presentation of the certificate against the new coronavirus for people aged 18 and over from this Friday, December 10. The regulations also include two measures that already apply to those who do not provide proof of identity: people over the age of 45 cannot make interprovincial trips and health care workers cannot return to work in person.

Through an event on the Twitter platform, Minsa also ensured that the person could present their medical certificate indicating the obstacle to obtaining vaccines before entering a confined space, so that they did not need the vaccination record. “The rule doesn`t make you guess. It states that anyone who works in person must have the vaccination record, otherwise they will have to work remotely or be suspended. According to the written rule, the person would remain on the payroll, but his assets would be suspended,” said Lidia Vilchez, partner in the Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & UrΓ­a firm. In the case of those who participated in the clinical trial of the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm, conducted by Cayetano Heredia University and the National University of San Marcos, their certificates are registered on the Minsa platform.

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