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Nissan Usa Legal Department

Nissan`s trademarks and copyrighted materials for non-editorial purposes may not be used without written permission from Nissan. To request permission to use copyrighted material, email Nissan reserves the right to deny authorization for any reason in its sole discretion. Director, Corporate Communications Email: Manager, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions Email: Jason Menges takes the reins of North American law as the automaker prepares to launch 23 electric models by 2030. Manager, Product and Technology Communications Email: will never buy a Nissan again!! The fact that they continue to use faulty transmissions is wrong on so many levels. I had a 92,000-mile gearbox, cost $4,000, and then the converted gearbox that the Nissan dealer put on after that started to run out a few months after the 1-year warranty. Want $6000 to fix it this time!!!! And the Nissan company won`t cover the cost because they acknowledge there`s a problem with the transmission, but keep saying they basically have to take it off the side of the road before doing anything! Complete garbage from a company!! Save your money and emotional health and buy another brand. It is absolutely false that a company can continue to sell the same waste and get away with it! Well, I see Nissan promoting driving new trucks on a river there. This is really a stupid move in your advertising department. Manager, Western Region Email: Operations and Press Fleet Email: Senior Director, Philanthropy Executive Director, Nissan Foundation Email: I have a 2017 Nissan Pathfinder. I got it in August 2020 at Linwood Motors. I drove wonderfully and always wanted a Pathfinder because of a good experience we had renting.

Some time later, the vehicle made noise and I got a warranty for it. Each store was secure and couldn`t even compete with Nissan for a while. Eventually, Paducah`s Nissan was able to give us a place and we were happy to let the professionals fix our car (at least that`s what we thought) and it was mid-February 2022. In March, the lady who updated the car told us that the technology had broken the engine to the point of failure and that it would reach our warranty company that she knew. From that moment on, things went wrong. Nissan told the company there was mud, so the company sent its technician to check it and didn`t see what they claimed. So the guarantee company asked to break it down further to see what was there. Nissan called me later and made me sign a statement to say that if the warranty agency refused to pay or did not pay in full, we were responsible.

I had no problem with that and signing to accept. In April, I contacted them and were told that the technician who was repairing our SUV had stopped and that the lady we were talking to would leave on May 1. The lady asked us if we wanted to take our SUV to another dealership, so I called and couldn`t get my vehicle anywhere. I called another Nissan company that was close to us and they told me they were going through the same thing as this Nissan. We had no choice but to wait for them to find a new technician and a new person to talk to. I even stayed in touch until June and they keep saying they will. Finally, in the last week of June, my wife`s guy said they were talking to our warranty company and they were told they would not be paying for our vehicle and we would have to pay for what they did. So we called the warranty company to see what had been said and they told us they were still waiting for Nissan to pull it out more and come back with them. The warranty company documented everything from all the calls and did not once say that they were rejecting our claim. Now we have been without a vehicle for more than 4 months and we are still making payments. Can`t move our SUV without paying for something they don`t want to finish.

If they want to keep our SUV, they should fix it, but if they don`t, they should put it back in place and let us find another place to fix it. 4 months in which they have accomplished nothing should be enough to compensate for what they are trying to get from us ($345). I was planning to buy a newer Pathfinder in the near future, but the dealership gives me a bad taste to drive a Nissan again. I`m in the same boat as my 2019 Nissan Kicks, there`s a Facebook group called Nissan CVT. I hate Nissan! Of course, they make manure cars with manure guarantee so they can make more money for them. Nissan Design America 9800 Campus Point Drive San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: (858) 457-4400 @nissandesignamerica (Instagram) We have 2015 Nissan Red and these vehicles have a small engine and transmission. The bad guy is a gas pig, I got 9 miles to the gallon, and then I called your headquarters at TN to complain that they are rude because I said you have to remember all your worthless reds because a 4-cylinder engine is worthless, with no electricity in front of you because Nissan even made the 4-cylinder engine and gearbox worthless than before, but after reading the other customer`s complaints, we should file a class action lawsuit against Nissan Corporation Plus your company doesn`t know how to build SUVs, cars and trucks. Sincerely, Allen Belgarde sends an email to customer service at NMAC head office Senior Director, Manufacturing & Labor Communications Email: have a 2013 Nissan Altima, the transmission needed to be replaced. Nissan didn`t know what had happened. only 63 thousand miles on it.

No problem before. The Nissan Technical Center North America (NTCNA) is responsible for combining technology and engineering to create vehicles that deliver total customer satisfaction. This process involves the interaction and collaboration of all technical departments, resulting in “overall vehicle development”. LexisNexis┬« and Bloomberg Law are external online distributors of ALM`s extensive collection of current and archived versions of legal news publications. LexisNexis┬« and Bloomberg Law clients may access and use ALM content, including content from the National Law Journal, The American Lawyer, Legaltech News, New York Law Journal and Corporate Counsel, as well as other sources of legal information. Corporate and Multicultural Communications Email: Hi, my name is Nickaylynn Barner. I bought a new 2015 Nissan Versa in February 2015. I have maintained my vehicle in accordance with the owner`s manual and now my gearbox has an internal transmission failure.

I have all my car records and my last maintenance was a front brake, brake fluid replacement and battery about a month ago. I bought this car specifically because of Nissan`s reputation for affordability and reliability. I have invested hundreds of dollars in this car and I want to continue driving this car. I picked up my car from Barker Nissan near my home at 290 in Houston, Texas, and they offered me over $4,000 for a part that shouldn`t have run out in the first place. I am about 76,850 miles away. I do not have an extended warranty. However, I took my car to 2 outdoor areas and all the shops said this has been a common issue with Nissan lately, as with CVT transmissions. One store I took my car to get a second opinion, Honesty Auto Care on Highway 6, also had a Nissan Sentra in the store at the same time with the exact same problem.

I also went online and did some research and saw that this is a common problem with other people where, even at 32,000 miles, they had a transcription error and there are several lawsuits for that. My car stopped twice in the middle of the highway and I was almost hit and killed, because even though the car was still on, the transmission went into lame mode and I had to let Triple A come and tow me off the highway. I am now in a rental car because my car is not functional and dangerous to drive. I want to resolve this issue amicably and do it as quickly as possible with the help of Nissan so that I can get back on the road as quickly as possible. It wasn`t a user error as to why my transfer failed, and I shouldn`t be held responsible for repairing a faulty transfer. Could you please advise us on how Nissan intends to proceed and remedy the situation? Director, Communications, South America Email: Contact the Media Website team. Auto Show and Events Email: I have a 92 Nissan Sentra that works great in the morning and when the heat stops cooling.

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