Many engineering graduates receive Permanent Residency in Australia. The occupations list contains core engineering professions as they contribute immensely to the Australian industries. International students with relevant work experience in the similar areas have the highest chances of getting Permanent Residency in Australia granted faster.


Technology jobs are in high demand in Australia, and Australia has a number of jobs for IT professionals in numerous roles. Check out these courses in IT that provide you with a pathway to Australia PR: Software application and programming, Computer Network and System, Web Developing, ICT Business & System Analysis are some of them.


Tourism is a flourishing industry in Australia that boosts auxiliary professions in managing tourist stays and ensuring global cuisine on offer. Australia has taken centre stage in the world cookery scene, thanks to its multicultural society that influences food scene to a larger extent. You can choose courses that lead you to

become: Accomodation & Hospitality Manager, Chef, Baker, Licensed Club Manager, Bed & Breakfast Operator, Café or Restaurant Manager, Motel or Hotel Manager, Caravan Park and Camping Manager and much more.


Health care and associated services are highly regarded in Australia. In fact, the Australian infrastructure and health care industry are termed as best-in-class in the world. The Australian colleges and universities providing nursing courses have well-rounded course structures and teaching staffs to prepare the nursing personnel for health care industry. Registered Nurses are highly in demand and make it to the Occupations List every year


Occupations in accountancy always make their way into the occupations list. Australian industries require accounting professionals specialised in various domains such Management Accounts, Taxation Accounts, General Accounting.

Corporate Treasurer and External Auditor are some of the roles that accountancy students can apply for post their studies.


Social work courses are gaining more global attention and students are keen to take up such courses and work with disadvantaged people. The courses you can look for are Psychology, Psychiatry, Health and Welfare Services, etc.

1) Is there a deadline for applying?

A: No deadlines for admissions.

2) IS GRE/GMAT or IELTS/TOEFL is required for admission?

A: Yes IELTS/ TOFEL is mandatory for the admission.

3) How much Time it will take to get the offer letter

A: It takes minimum 1week and maximum 2 to 3 weeks to get offer letter.

4) Can i work on campus?

A: Yes, you can work both on-campus or off-campus.

5) How many working hours will I probably work each week?

A: You are entitled to work 20hrs a week.